Mini Shred Youth Boots 2012/13 (White/Green/Blue)

Rome SDS Mini Shred Youth Boots 2012/13 (White/Green/Blue) WAS: $89.00
NOW: $59.00




Rome Minishred Snowboard Boot - Kids'

Get junior started on the right foot with the Rome Minishred boot. The Minishred isn't just a small version of an adult boot–it was designed specifically with groms in mind so they could use it more easily and wouldn't wind up frustrated before even strapping in. Little-hands-friendly pull-on straps and lacing provide parental independence, and the double-decker footbed counter the dreaded growth spurt so you can get another season out of the Minishred.

  • One-way Pureflex Lacing System lets Junior lace his boots as tight as he wants them without having to get the parental assist
  • Double decker footbed ensures 2 seasons from one pair of boots
  • Linerless design is simple to use
  • Rubbercup outsole for added durability
  • Double webbing pulls make it easier to get into the Minishred