Perelson Void R7 Deck

Madness Perelson Void R7 Deck $55.00



Avoid all the madness through the streets and keep on skating with the Madness Perelson Void Deck 8.375 x 32.4. This is a pro-quality skateboard deck constructed from Dwindle's Resin-7 technology to fend off DE-lamination and keep that pop fresh for days. Manufactured with a single deck press technique that keeps the shape consistent from board to board to ensure you get what you desire every time. 30 day guarantee against breakage. Background stains may vary.


  • Width - 8.375"
  • Length - 32.4"
  • Wheelbase - 15"
  • Medium concave/Steep Kick
  • Single press 7-ply construction
  • Front and back wheel wells
  • Custom bleed stain veneer
  • Embossed graphic detail
  • Alex Perelson pro model