DGK x Gee Stevie Deck

DGK DGK x Gee Stevie Deck $60.00



Ryan Gee is known for shooting classic photos of an unforgettable era in skateboarding. DGK has taken advantage of the opportunity and has teamed up with Ryan to use photos of the ones who started DGK from the ground up and where it all began. Hang it up or hit the streets and go skate with the DGK x Gee Stevie Deck 8.06 x 31.875. This is a pro quality skateboard deck constructed from traditional 7-ply maple wood with a graphic created and captured by the renowned Ryan Gee


  • Width - 8.06"
  • Length - 31.875"
  • Wheelbase - 14.25"
  • Traditional 7-ply construction
  • Deck graphic captured by Ryan Gee
  • Stevie Williams pro model