Rowan Cremation Mayhem Deck

Baker Rowan Cremation Mayhem Deck $60.00



Do your best to survive the mayhem while skating through the streets with the Baker Zorilla Cremation Mayhem Deck 8.5 x 32. Designed and manufactured with the Baker O.G. Shape and Mellow Concave with artwork created by Mike Gigliotti. This is a pro-quality skateboard deck constructed from traditional 7-ply maple wood with background stains that may vary. 


  • Baker O.G. Shape - Mellow Concave
  • Width - 8.5"
  • Length - 32"
  • Wheelbase - 14.5"
  • Traditional 7-ply construction
  • Artwork by Mike Gigliotti
  • Rowan Zorilla pro model