Pro Knee Pads (Black/Black)

187 Killer Pads Pro Knee Pads (Black/Black) $75.95

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The Killer Pads 187 Pro Knee Pads - Customer Favorites with vert skateboarding and roller derby

These Pro Knee Pads, also known as "Killer Pads" from 187, were made specifically for vert skateboarding & pools. 187’s orthopedic padding is substantial and includes Pro-core impact absorption to take the force of the spill rather than your knees! Dual density interior memory foam conforms to your knees; add to that the seams are turned in so they won’t irritate your legs. These killer pads wrap high on your leg and over the knee so there is no way for the pads to slip down. Easy on/off - no need to remove your shoes. 187’s are worn by Pro Skaters like Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, Cara-Beth Burnside & Christian Hosoi, just to name a few – they must be good! The 187 Pro Knee Pads are subtitled Killer Pads for a reason. The adjectives that come to mind are beefy, massive, outsized. It all adds up to serious knee protection!

The 187 Pro Knee Pads Feature:

  • Professional-level knee protection
  • Massive non-slip design
  • Dual density interior memory foam
  • Velcro-detachable, heavy-duty ABS hard shell kneecaps NOTE: the detachable knee caps are on sizes S-XXL. The size XS knee pads do NOT have detachable knee caps. Instead, the knee caps on the size XS are riveted in place.
  • Double-layer, two-inch thick, oversized foam pads encased in tough. ballistic nylon upper
  • Upper and lower Velcro-sealed neoprene butterfly straps
  • Adjustable lower belt strap that reinforces lower neoprene strap
  • Seamless hinges for maximum flexibility
  • Replaceable caps